Monday, October 26, 2009

What does cochlear implant got to do with love?

Most of us know children are too young to know what it is like to have something permanent. Since they're too young to know what's like to have something permanent, they're also too young to make a decision for something permanent.

Don't get me wrong, cochlear implant is good for some people but I don't believe it should be given to a child who's incapable of fully understanding. Most parents fear that their child with hearing loss will not fit into the world. They fears that the child would feel loneliness not be able to communicate with their classmate. And kids do sometime make fun of being deaf. They wouldn't want their child to feel that way.

That's why they have special accommodations for deaf children all over the states. Deaf are not the only children that feel lonely and they can still write back and forth and use physical gesture to communicate. Not only that but they have interpreters that can hear and sign for deaf students and teachers.

I have seen deaf people have friends that can hear. So being deaf is not an excuse for being lonely. The problem still remains about put cochlear implant into the child's head. Putting cochlear implant make more limitation than being deaf or without one. For example, anyone with CI (cochlear implant) is limited to some sports. They shouldn't be doing soccer, boxing, martial arts (with partners), playgrounds, trampolines, or anything that involve getting your head hit without a helmet. It also can be disadvantage around special environment when they're close to neon lights or radar detector. It can cause a loud buzzing sound to them. So they got to stay away from Las Vegas.

So why take something away from them that they would love to try or love to do? I have tons of friends that enjoyed being deaf. I, myself enjoy having hearing loss because it got me to have a lifetime friends and unforgettable people that share the same background as me. Once you put that CI in your child it's in there for life. I believe it's best to wait until they're old enough to fully understand the differences.

"Deaf people can do anything but hear." - I King Jordan


  1. Your information is incorrect about Cochlear Implants. My son has been implanted since he was a year old. He does EVERYTHING his hearing brothers do. This includes gymnastics on trampolines, slides in playground, he plays soccer. He most certainly can go to Las Vegas. I look at it this way, I gave him the tools to use to speak and communicate with the majority of the world. If he decides when he is older he doesn't want it, well that's his choice and he can take off his implants. BUT if I didn't get him implanted and at 15 he says "why didn't you get me implants?" What do I say to that? You cant go backwards and learn to speak and hear at the level he is when you are older. My son probably the happiest child I have ever met.

  2. Here are some of references for advantages and disadvantages of cochlear implants.

  3. Parents make many decisions for their children LONG before they "are old enough to fully understand the difference." If we didn't, we wouldn't be good parents.

  4. I very disagree with people that say and think it is OK to put cochlear implants in kids' brain.

    I agree with Lionel. Kids should grow up and make decision themselves to get cochlear implants rather than force them to hear at baby age. If the kid grow up and at 15 they asks "why didn't you get me implants?" I would say "I accept for who you are and I want you to experience deaf life. You never will be forced to be something or somebody you don't want to be. I want you to make your own decision at your capable of making decision age. It's better to let you decide than force you"

    I am deaf myself and I am very proud of who I am and don't need any adjustment because it teach me how to be understanding. Cochlear implants is not 100% guarantee!

  5. I am deaf, I have a cochlear implant. It is up to the deaf individual or the parents of deaf children what to do. Yes, you can have your own opinion but keep it to yourself! If I had a deaf child, he/she would be immersed into BOTH the hearing and deaf worlds. I have the best of both worlds. No, a CI is not put in the brain! It is in the skull that protects the brain. I think you need to learn more about CI's before you go bashing them. I am very much a part of the Deaf world as I am the hearing world. I am fluent in both English and ASL. I live in a Deaf town with a school for the deaf right around the corner. Educate yourself before you go bashing those who make different decisions in life than you do. That is YOUR decision and YOURS only. Each person is entitled to their own opinion and their own decisions. My Deaf counselor chose not to allow her 2 Deaf daughters to have CI's until they are 18 years of age. That is HER decision as a Deaf parent. Since I have a CI, do I bash her??? NO! She is making the decision that she believes is best for her and her family. I accept that. I don't bash Deaf people who don't like CI's. So Deaf should not bash Deaf people or hearing people who have deaf babies and have to make a decision for them. Just think, parents have to make ALL decisions for babies and young children because they simply are not old enough to make the right decisions or any decisions for themselves until they are older and learn how to make decisions. Parents either deaf or hearing have to make a decision at a critical time in their child's life if their child is deaf whether or not to implant them. We are so blessed we have the technology available now. Years ago, we didn't have any choices. Like the person said earlier, if your child could not see would you refuse to give that child glasses? From someone (me) who has worn glasses since 10 months of age, I know how important it is to see. Would you not do that for your child? I had eye surgery at 10 months of age then got glasses. Would you not do THAT for your child? Each parent does what they believe is best for their child. You can have an opinion but make sure you have the facts straight before you go bashing CI's or people with CI's or parents who choose to have their child implanted at an early age. Please understand. From one Deaf to another. OK?
    Thank you!

  6. To the last anonymous writer... you don't wear CI anymore....